Marina Harbour Systems Ltd. for over 30 years, plans, supplies and installs surge resilient marine structures; our mission is to provide you with the best performing & long term value  for your coastal investment.

MHS approaches every project  by analysing all specific site conditions and  weather exposure before focussing on the appropriate engineered structures, optimal logistics & functionality, long term cost/efficiency and attractive aesthetics.
With our customer's best interests in mind,  we plan for lasting ROI, using the best rated life cycle materials available, our marinas are designed to perform & built to last.

Custom design +  long term high performance coastal solutions
If you can dream it, we can design it. MHS installed marinas have received wide industry recognition for their resilience in heavy storm surges and tidal swells. Our completed projects are fully ajustable to changing needs, deliver incomparable lifespan with minimal maintenance, and are exceptionally attractive to boating clients. At MHS we know about the power of the sea, we also know that there is no substitute for flexibility and material quality when Neptune's fury comes knocking...

Precise planning + advanced manufacturing = impeccable installation
We can manage all stages of your marina project ; from the best design options through manufacturing, delivery & installation, we take great pride in our first class work standards and our good record for on time implementations. MHS material and workmanship warranties are best rated. Marina Harbour Systems has established itself as the obvious choice for reliable, long term waterfront access equipments.