Dock Systems
MHS A400   MHS A800   MHS   A1000     MHS A1200T Boats<12m     Yachts<25m   MegaYachts<50m    Ships <1200tons
The right system for the workload requirements = cost/efficiency

Sugarloaf Harbour 620 slips: 60%<12m boats, 35%<15m, 5%<25m yachts

The MHS Aquatech series of advanced floating docks  offers four standard and several hybrid systems engineered according to the boat sizes they are designed to serve. 
Beyond outstanding aesthetics, our MHS Aquatech series delivers incomparable long term performance with minimal maintenance.
It's marine aluminium alloy resilient uniframe trusses guarantee the best life cycle in the industry, with built-in neoprene damage prevention connectors, the A series is modular & fully adjustable to future changing needs. MHS A series is all interconnectable to provide a seamless web of stress load dissipation, flexing as required to prevent damage in extreme weather events at full occupancy.


Various deck options available: UVA resistant composites (above), Ipe ironwood, natural cedar, concrete pavers (below)