Floating Break Walls 

MHS floating break walls are designed for site specifications.
Every project site has a specific wind/wave exposure that must be carefully analysed in order to design the most cost/efficient wave attenuation floating system.
Marina Harbour Systems Ltd. has gathered over the past decades, substantial expertise in the installation of a wide variety of floating wave reduction systems.
Depending your project's workload requirements, on your site's geophysical conditions, heavy weather exposure and anchoring soil capacities, MHS will be able to recommend the most appropriate wave reduction system, tailored for your site's specifications, your budget considerations and potential for future water lot expansion.

Advanced LED lighting 

MHS Advanced LED lighting systems deliver 8 to 12 years lifecycle,
are designed  to retrofit into your existing fixtures. Their optimal clearer white light (warmer colours available) will save your  site over 70% off the power required by CFL bulbs (mercury filled), 80% off fluorescent tubes and save up to 90% off the wattage consumed by HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or MH (Metal Halyde) bulbs+ballast assemblies.
MHS Advanced LEDs, free of any toxic components, outperform ordinary leds by twice the efficiency, literally doubling your wattage savings.

The payback is usually less than 2 years for 24h lighting networks, the maintenance is practically zero & life span is over 8 to 12 years depending on usage & environmental exposure; the net results for upgrading to MHS Advanced LEDs other than outstanding savings, are much better lighting, less maintenance, faster ROI & more security & comfort  for your clients.